How to Get Married in Spain

It is estimated that there are more than 300,000 British living in Spain. Thus, it is not uncommon that many get married in Spain with at least one British involved, but how does it work? Is it easy?

You will need some paperwork

How could we live without paperwork? Happy!? Not at all, let’s recognise that we would miss all those cute documents!

This is what you need if you want to get married in Spain:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marital status certificate
  • Registration of residency: You do not need to be a legal resident to get a registration of residency from the city council of your town
  • Divorce certification, if you are divorced
  • If you are widowed, the marriage certificate of the marriage and the death certificate of the deceased

All of these documents should be bilingual in English and Spanish; or if they are just in English, you will need a sworn translation and a legalization with the Hague apostille.

You can get the registration of residence from the city council. You do not even need to be a legal resident in Spain. It is enough for you to prove that you are living there with, for example, a house rental contract or an invoice from a public service issued in your name.

You may need to answer questions

When someone outside the European Union gets married to a Spaniard or a EU-resident, they could ask you to do an interview in which you two have to show that you are a real couple. This is to prevent marriages of convenience.

There is not an official set of questions, but they usually are about your life and past events in the relationship. Some example of questions are:

  • Your hobbies and your partner’s
  • Your nationality and your partner’s
  • Full name, address, phone number of your partner
  • Favourite food of both of you
  • Family data such as number of siblings, etc., for of both of you

All of the questions will refer to you and your partner because they just want to check that you know your partner and he or she knows you well enough as to assume that you are a real couple.

Until Brexit, not all of this was needed for British people. And now it is too soon to know what will happen, but it is better to be ready. In any case, if your marriage is legit, you should not be worried about the interview.

You can even get married through a power of attorney

If one member of the couple is not in Spain, it is possible to get married using a power of attorney. Of course, this one is another document to add to the list that you will need to translate and legalise.

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