Why is obtaining an NIE necessary?

In general, the inheritance process in Spain has two main aspects:

  1. Paying taxes
  2. Distributing the properties

Paying taxes is, of course, mandatory for all heirs who receive an inheritance related to a Spanish probate matter. Obtaining a NIE (Número de Identidad Extranjero – Foreign Identity Number) is one of the things you need in order to pay Spanish inheritance tax.

Note that, after the individual has died, you have just six months to pay the Spanish inheritance tax authorities, which in some cases is a very short time if you take into consideration the many issues that can arise within the inheritance process in Spain. However, if you feel that you will not be able to comply with the obligation, you can ask for an extension of that period. Call us to get information about this if you are interested.

How to get an NIE in Spain

For a Spanish probate matter we can help you to apply for a permanent or temporary NIE. If you do not have plans to become a resident, as you are simply an heir that needs the NIE, the usual option is the temporary NIE. This temporary NIE number for Spain is valid for three months to solve all the paperwork and obligations needed to legally receive your inheritance. We could arrange all of this on your behalf you need not personally go to Spain.

Typically the waiting time for obtaining an NIE number is between 10 and 15 days. After that, if you have applied for the temporary NIE number, remember that you have the NIE for three months and that you have to pay the taxes within six months since the death occurred.  This is usually enough time but the wheels of probate in Spain do not move quickly so it is important to act quickly, contact us now for more help.

We can take care of the process for you, taking away your need to worry about paperwork, legal terms, and other issues. For us to obtain your NIE, we just need an authorisation signed by you.

Get your inheritance in Spain stress-free

Legal procedure can be stressful, especially when you have to struggle with foreign regulations. We can help you to make the whole process smooth and stress-free.

Just call us to get more information without any obligation.

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