What Do You Need for Your Pet To Enter Spain?

Are you planning to leave the United Kingdom with your pet and enter Spain? Bear in mind that it is much easier to leave the UK with your pet than to return with it.    

Summer in Spain is a very desirable period of time. Its beautiful weather, acceptable house prices, and good quality of life make it a really good option for many people in the United Kingdom to have a second residence on the coastline. Retired people also like to spend the winter in Spain. Therefore, it is quite common for them to spend time in Spain; and, of course, they want to take their pet with them. 

New requirements

As of January 1, 2021, it will be compulsory to request a health certificate if you need to travel with your pet from the UK to Spain. Furthermore, all pets from Great Britain and its dependencies (excluding Northern Ireland and Gibraltar) must be entered through an airport or port authorized as a so-called Travellers Point of Entry. Dogs, cats, and ferrets should be properly identified and have a valid anti-rabies vaccine, although it is not necessary to perform an antibody titration test against rabies.

Pet owner s will have to get this health certificate, issued and signed by an official veterinarian, within 10 days before traveling. This document will be in effect for a period of four months in order to travel among EU countries and will be drafted both in English and Spanish. After Brexit, Great Britain Passports are no longer valid. In addition, travelers will not be allowed to move to any EU country with more than five pets.

No EU country requires legalization for documents accompanying your pet from a third country or from another member state of the EU.

It is important to mention that there are also special requirements in Spain that apply to certain types of dogs. Real Decreto 287/2002 of March 22 lays down the rules and requirements to own animals deemed to be potentially dangerous, established by the Ley 50/1999 of December 23. If you need to check if your dog is considered to be potentially dangerous, please consult the above mentioned texts. 

On the other hand, if you plan to return to Great Britain, you will have to carry out a treatment against parasites between one to five days before travelling and present the health certificate or passport. Again, this time it is not necessary to perform an antibody titration test against rabies.

Pets will only be allowed to enter the European Union through specifically designated points of entry where you will find the needed premises so that necessary checks can be done to the animals. This was also effective as of January 1, 2021, and applies to assistance dogs, too. 

In the Spanish case, the allowed points of entry include 15 airports and 21 ports, as well as the land borders of Ceuta and Melilla. If you travel by automobile, once the pet is accepted in France you should not need anything additional to enter Spain.

Spending time in Spain can be a very nice experience, but it is always good to get thing ready beforehand. Making a Spanish will is another action to consider that may make life much easier for your family if you decide to buy property there.

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