5 Spanish Cities Where Home Prices Have Risen More Than 10%

Spanish real estate seems to be a thriving sector in which to invest. In the last year the prices have risen about 5%, but in some cities, the rise has doubled that figure, reaching a 10% growth.

Let’s take a look at them:


Valencia is a well-known city for UK investors because of its good weather and leisure offerings. Home prices in the city rose about 11% which, in addition to Valencia’s other attractions, have made it a really nice location in which to invest money.

Sadly, we can’t know if the market will continue to rise and if it is still the right place to invest in the coming future.


Málaga is another familiar city that has seen its homes’ prices rise around 14%. If the sun, sea, beach and “pescaito frito” weren’t enough, we are sure that with the price growth, anyone that invested in Malaga a year ago is now more than happy.


Valladolid is an average-size city located about 200 km north of Madrid. It is not a famous place among non-Spaniards, but it is a very attractive city to live in. Quiet and with good communications and services, the city is convenient because you can walk to almost everywhere, but without the feeling of being in a very small location. The only problem may be the weather since this city is colder than what you can expect of living in Spain.

The home prices rose around 14% in the first quarter in Valladolid.

Palma de Mallorca

If you fancy investing in an island, Palma de Mallorca had a 10% rise in the home prices, while maintaining all the attractiveness as a place to have a golden retirement.

Good weather, services, and awesome nature make this place a must-visit if you like Spain.


Burgos is famous because it has a beautiful cathedral and is in the route that forms the Way of St. James. Like Valladolid, the city is quiet and a good place to live, but the weather is cold.

The homes’ prices in this city rose about 16%.

What about Madrid and Barcelona?

Spain, like many other countries, is experiencing a trend in which the big cities are becoming bigger and the average and small ones are losing their population. This is something that someone looking for investments should always pay attention to.

If you are going to invest for the long-term, try to choose places that won’t be affected by this trend. Touristic locations and big cities, as it seems for now, are safer investments than small cities in the countryside.

Please understand that we are not giving advice about where to invest. If you don’t know what to do, ask your financial advisor.

24th September 2019
//Spanish Probate Matters