Who Has Authority to Apostille a Document in Spain?

Although apostille is used internationally, each country may have its own particularities. We specialise in providing international apostilles, regardless of the country. However, in this article, we want to clarify who is able to apostille a document in Spain.

Spain has three authorities able to apostille a document, and you should go to one or the other depending on the nature of the document.

Judicial documents:

The authority for judicial documents relies on the Secretario de la Sala de Gobierno del Tribunal Superior de Justicia.

Judicial documents include: 

  • Judicial decrees
  • Sentences
  • Other judge rulings

Documents validated by a notary:

In Spain, notaries have the power to authenticate private documents. Their services are very useful in high value transactions, like in real estate, for example. Without the notary, each side of the contract could deny the legitimacy of the contract; while with the notary’s intervention, this legitimacy is granted.

For the documents that went through a notary, the authority to make the apostille is the Dean of the Notary Bar or a member of its government board. 

Spain is administratively divided in 17 regions, and each region has it owns Notary Bar.

Documents from the administration:

Central administration refers to the government, ministries, and organizations dependent on them. If your document comes from them, then the apostille shall come from the Ministry of Justice. The specific figure would be the Jefe de la Sección Central de la Subsecretaría del Ministerio de Justicia.

It is important to make sure that the document is their responsibility because they will not apostille any other kind of document.

Documents that come from other governmental institutions such as delegations of the government in the regions, or governments of the regions, provinces, and so on, shall be apostilled by the Dean of the Notary Bar or the Secretario de la Sala de Gobierno del Tribunal Superior de Justicia. In practice, the Dean of the Notary Bar is usually much easier to reach for the average citizen.

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