Home Staging: Tips to Sell Your Property Faster

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, right? This is certainly the case when it comes to selling your property. By being careful with the images you publish on the real estate website where you promote it, you are greatly improving your chances of making the sale.

The same applies to the image the prospective buyers get when they visit the property. Actually, if the place doesn’t look good, you will hardly be able to take good pictures of it. Let’s see how to increase the attractiveness of your property.

The act of making a property look good is known as home staging. As we said, it ranges from taking care of the place for visits to taking good pictures of it.

1. Remove Your Personal Effects

When someone is going to buy a house, they want to buy this house for the future. You have to help them to imagine a life there. But how can they imagine their future if they are looking at your past?

When you want to sell a house, it is very good idea to remove personal pictures. If they are looking at your wedding photos, they won’t imagine themselves enjoying all that sunlight that enters through the window. You want them to focus on the things they will enjoy.

Do not limit this to the pictures. If you have very personal tastes about curtains, carpets or anything else, making the place more neutral will also help.

Also keep the space open; do not overcharge it. If you have a lot of clutter, make sure to move it.

2. An Empty House is Not What You Need

Now you may be thinking that you should empty your house so whoever enters through the door can imagine himself living there. However, that won’t give the homely feeling you are looking for. Instead, you can leave the furniture or buy some from a low-cost store.

You want to create a nice environment, with free space but that still gives the feeling of a home. Please do not overfill it: Just a few pieces of furniture will work.

If you are not living in the house, chances are the mattresses are not covered. This looks like a cheap motel and you don’t want that. If you don’t have a nice quilt, just buy a cheap but stylish fabric to cover it, and it will look much better.

Whether to invest on this or not is up to you. It is not the same a small flat in a worker neighbourhood than a big luxury house. But we could say that if you invest about 1 % of the property value, you could get more than that for it.

3. Good Pictures

You don’t need a professional photographer, though it could be well worth it if your property has a nice value.

No matter who takes the photos, you want pictures with light. Take them when the house is receiving more light from the outside and open the curtains so you can take good images.

If your property doesn’t have good light from the outside, now that you are leaving it, it could be the right moment to buy a good light bulb that simulates daylight.