How to Rent a Flat in Spain

You have a property in Spain and want to make some profit from it, so you decide to rent it out. It’s easy, you just need to find someone interested, sign a contract and receive your money monthly, right? You wish, but sadly it is not that easy.

The Spanish real estate market was once a jungle, and now it is much more regulated. Among the regulations, there are some requirements in order to rent a flat or house.

The first thing you need is a certificate that states your property complies with the energy efficiency requirements of the law. This is called a Certificado de Eficiencia Energética and you should get it from the Autonomous Community in which the property is located.

You also need the liveability document, called Célula de habitabilidad. This document states that the property is able to give shelter to people. If you are about to rent a house or flat, it is unlikely that your property doesn’t have this document, but you still need to check that it’s there.

With these three documents you are ready to go. It is recommended that you get help from a lawyer or a real estate expert in order to check the contract. Do not hesitate in contact us if you want experts in Spanish real estate working for you.

Tourist purposes

If you want to rent your property out for short periods, you will be doing what is known as alquiler turístico – touristic renting.

As you know, tourism is the biggest contributor to the Spanish economy, so the amount and competition of touristic renting is huge in touristic places. Sadly, some scammers took advantage of the high demand in order to offer unsanitary places to tourists. As a consequence, and also because of the pressure of big hotels and since Airbnb and other platforms have appeared, the authorities decided to regulate touristic renting.

Nowadays, in order to rent your property out for short periods, you need to comply with the Autonomous Community regulations. Sadly, each Autonomous Community has different requirements, and some of them are quite dark, as though they were not interested in individuals renting out their flats as tourist locations.


The income you get from renting a property should be declared in your income tax. If you are renting out a primary residence to someone, the income tax will have a discount of 60%. However, if the rent is for tourist use, there won’t be any discount.


Renting out a property is a good way to get extra profit from a real estate investment. Just be sure to check all the regulations applicable. It may be an extra cost at first, but for the next time you will already know what you need and you can live with the peace of mind of knowing you are doing everything legally.

2nd January 2019
//Spanish Probate Matters