What Documents Do You Need If You Want To Work Abroad?

If you have the opportunity to work abroad, there are some documents that you are absolutely going to need to provide to your new employer, to give details of who you are your status regarding your eligibility to work wherever it is you are planning on travelling to. To make things easier for you, here are the five most useful documents you are going to need, that may need to go through the apostille process before you go.


It is likely that when you applied for the job you are going to work in, you will have needed to let your new employer know about any qualifications you had from university, college, school, or via other means such as an apprenticeship. The certificates that show your qualifications may be required – the employer may want to see them when you arrive. Whether the certificate is regarding A levels, a degree, a qualification to teach English as a foreign language, or anything else, they will need to be certified by a UK solicitor and then made legal with the apostille.

Criminal Record Check

Many employers will request an apostilled copy of your criminal records check. In order to obtain the correct visa, a background records check will need to be carried out, and the criminal records check will form part of this. There are a number of different organisations within the UK that issue criminal records checks including NPCC, DBS, and Disclosure Scotland.

Employment Reference

Something that most new employers will want to see, whether they are employing someone from a different country or not, is references from former employers. Once again, although you may not have thought about it, this does need to be legally put through the apostille process.

Medical Report

Not all employers will request this; it will depend on the type of work that you are going to be doing, and how physical it will be. Other will need to know the state of your health if you are to be included in any pensions, insurances, or private health care plans.

Driving Licence

Whether you need your driving licence because you are going to be driving as part of your new job, or it is simply the fact that you will need to drive to get to and from the office or workshop, for example, your UK licence must be legalised before you can start the process of applying for a new one in the country you are going to be working in.

There are plenty of other documents that you will need if you want to start a new life abroad; your will is one of them. At IWC Probate Services, you can find out much more about how to write a will and ensure that it is legal in the country you are moving to.

5th March 2019
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