Reasons to Make a Will in Spain

Let’s face it, most of us do not like to think or talk about death. While most investors would pay a big amount in exchange for some certainty about the future, when we face something as certain as death we do not take the recommended steps.

Making a will is a clever decision when it comes to heritage management. It makes things easier and cheaper, whilst the price is quite reasonable. In this post, we are going to say you why you should do a will in Spain if you have properties there.

1. Making a Will Does Not Mean That You Are Going to Die Soon

As we said, the fear of death is the main reason why people do not make a will. However, thousands of years of experience say that even those that have not made a will eventually die, so sadly it is not solution.

Making a will is a rational choice about something of which we have absolute certainty. It does not damage us in any way (well, paying the notary fees maybe, but in comparison with almost any heritage, this feeling will be unimportant).

2. Everything is More Difficult in another Country

No matter what, when you are in a foreign country things became complicated. Think of your heirs after you have passed away. They will need to do a lot of paperwork in UK, and if you have properties in Spain, also there.

Besides, fortunately, the paperwork related with deaths is not something we do every day, so it comes with some stress. By having a will in Spain, you simplify all the paperwork and tasks related to the probate, making the life of your beloved heirs easier.

3. Deadlines Do Not Consider Foreigners

Some of the paperwork required after your death, like the one related to taxes, has some time deadlines that are not thought through for foreign citizens that will likely be struggling also with the paperwork of their own country.

It is common to face a situation in which the papers have to travel just to be checked and before going back again.

With a will made before a notary, in addition to simplifying the probate, which means less paperwork, you also simplify the legalization of the document in another country.

4. You May Avoid Some Disputes among the Heirs

Breaking relationships between family members because of an inheritance is a very sad situation.

By making a will, you cannot be sure that issues between heirs will not arise, but you are taking a very important step. If the heritage is already divided, you do not give them the chance to dispute about what is for one and what for the other. You are already making the decision for them.

5. The Will Won’t Ever Get Lost

Making a will before a notary means that the notary will send it to the Central Register of Wills. Thanks to that, you and your heirs do not need to worry about keeping the will. Any legal heir

will be able to access to it when the time comes and never before, so if you want it to remain a secret, it will be.

How to Make a Will in Spain

If you want to make a will in Spain, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you to make a will that will be legal and valid in Spain. We can help you to solve any doubts and make sure that you comply with the mandatory divisions that cannot be avoided following the Spanish regulations.

15th October 2019
//Spanish Probate Matters